21 February 2009

Very special day

Dear friends,

let me tell you what a special day happened today. As some of you know, we have a very nice winter. Lots of snow and snow and snow... It is actually easy to imagine. Just think of driving a car and all of the sudden don´t know what to do. Your car literally doesn´t move forward or backward. That is my experience from last week. :o)
I actually still enjoy the beauty of the nature. It was so good to take ski vacation yesterday. Skiing in Pustevny was awesome.
Today, back to the story, I had the privilege to go on a women retreat in the mountains close by the city I live in, Cesky Tesin. Some of you might know that place, this very special retreat happened to be in TYRA!

Yes, it is a nice walk up there and especially in the snow, when you are half-way in the snow trying to move your feet towards the target. You move very slowly and the snow doesn´t disappear. Actually it piles up more and more and you start to think that you´ll be stuck in the beautiful nature for ever and ever.
All these thoughts started to come to my mind when me and my friends Amy, Hannah, Lucka and Terka had so much fun. That experience will be stuck in our minds for a long time. As I always say: "Everything is about the memories!"

To end this unique story I will just say this. The moral of the day is:"Sometimes just the rabbit trail can save your life and show the right way. Even if it takes you cross the bushes!"

Have a nice rest of your day. I´ll spend it on my couch, resting.

05 January 2009

Ski trip to Jeseniky mountains

Four awesome days in mountains was such a great relax for me. I could meet new people, refresh my ski abilities and relax from my "normal" life.

04 January 2009

Christmas 2008

With my family...

With my close friends ...


EXIT TOUR was a tour in six Czech cities - Hradec Králové, Český Těšín, Havířov, Ostrava, Vsetín and Zlín.
  • visiting high schools and doing lectures on prevention program for students
  • singing songs by DIZMAS, band from USA, California
  • afternoon program for students prepared and led by churches in the city
  • DIZMAS concert - great show, time to share the gospel with students
  • building new friendships
  • promotion of EXIT316 MISEMy job was:
  • translator
  • comunications with schools, teachers
  • the tour manager - basically I had to take care of my "eight little husbands" ... let me explain that :o) The nickname of my job was from the begining Snow White. And the rest of the team were little dwarfs (all of them were guys. I was the only girl! :o) Once my boss David Riman accidentally said that I am Snow Wife not the Snow White! And the rest you can imagine yourself...
The whole Tour was a time where God opened a new door in my life! God spoke to me in lots of ways. We had so much fun. I will keep the memories for a long time in my head! Thank you GOD and the rest of you guys for that!

JÍZDA316 MISE - BIG begining of EXIT316 MISE!

, the BIG begining of EXIT316 MISE - training for Christians, how to use this Christian youth TV program as a evangelization tool .
Our TURBO team prepared the program and organized the whole thing. JIZDA316 was located in four cities in the Czech Republic - Pardubice, Tábor, Vsetín and Český Těšín! 470 peple came! Great teaching, awesome worship, opportunity to meet new people,....
I led the whole thing in Český Těšín, where 160 people came! That was a great experience.

21 September 2008

My two little sweet nieces!

Happy aunt!

Little Emma!

Me and Emma, the youngest niece!

Karolina Rajcova (my oldest brother Petr daughter) and Emma Rajcova (my middle brother David daughter)!

Tamara, one of my best friends got married and I was there with her and hundreds of other people!

Tamara and Kuba Tomoszek - the happy couple!

Me and Lucka, my roommate.